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                                        You Are Not We


                  Amaanda Peters



I've done something that I can never forgive,

And will be haunted by with

Each passing day that I live.

Now every smile I give is just

a facade I hide behind to mask the truth.

I don't know how to go on, but I know I must.

If I could merely go back in time

To that fateful day--

But no. It's done, over, the past...

I just wish that I could kiss this pain away.

One night of truth and blind action

Has broken my soul and plagued me with

Burning tears each time I cry.

Now all my love, all my virtue is forgotten

And the life I am forced to live is a lie.

I can see everyone else seated on the sun dappled stone,

But I am caught in a treacherous storm

Where winds tear at my face, and

Lightning bellows at me to conform.

The unforgiving rain beats at my soul

In the eternal whisper, "You are not we."

My soul is swift with regret,

But the world won't forgive me.

Creation has excluded from its realm,

And the world chants as if in dream

"You are not we. You are not we."

About the Author: Amanda Peters is fourteen and in the ninth grade at Malow Jr. High.  In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry and stories and drawing.  Her poem Ashes also appears in this issue.

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