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Here at SpiderWeb we love to make web pages and would be happy to assist you in making one for your company or own personal use. As I said before we're not interested in making huge money. We provide affordable services for everybody who needs them we have three main package deals but we're very flexible and depending on the type of work you want us to do on your page we can change prices.

Basic Package

This is a good package for a business who needs the basics of their web page done but is able to work with the rest. If you choose this package you're entitled to have 2 pages of text, 5 links, 3 images in GIF or JPEG format, and your choice of a guestbook or counter. At most places in the WMass area that would cost $50 or up, you can get it here for $20.

Deluxe Package

If you want a little more out of your webpage this is the way to go. We allow to have up to 3 pages of text, 8 links, 5 images in GIF or JPEG format, a banner for the Link Exchange program, submissions to the top 10 search engines, and your choice of a guestbook or counter. This service costs $35

By the Hour Work

If your planning a full blast website than you could probably save money and your sanity by choosing this option. It costs $15 an hour. We request that you only use this option when you need a package that's bigger than the ones listed above. With this option you get:

Unlimited Text


Unlimited images


Wav. , au. , or midi sounds


submissions to additional search engines

unlimited links

For our Deluxe and Regular packages we offer some special items for a small additional price.

Additional link- $0.50 each

Frames- $4.50

Additional images- $1.00 each

Marquees- $2.00

Sound Files- $3.50 each

Advertisement in WMass webguide (only available if your in WMass area)- $1.00

Enrollment in Tripod program- $1.50*

Extra pages of text- $5.00 each

Video- $8.00

* Tripod is a free web community located right here in Massachusetts. It offers 2 MB of space for business and personal use. This page is on Tripod. If you don't already have your own domain enrollment in the Tripod program is recommended


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