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Guidelines for Kid Ink

Wouldn't it be exciting to see your story or poem in print? Well that's what Kid Ink is all about! The editor of this magazine is a young writer herself and believes there should be more places for kids to get published in.

Notice: Next issue "Kid Ink" will become a strictly online magazine and won't be published in a paper form due to costs. 

What we want to see from you: Stories, poems, articles, essays, and art work from kids ages 9-16

Length: Stories and essays should be between 500-1500 words. If your story or essay is longer and merits the extra space then we'll give it to you. We'd like poems to be no more than 35 lines long.

What we'd like to see in submissions: For stories we want to see good characterazation, originality, and a strong plot. Making the editor laugh or feel very strongly about the situation is a good way to get your work published. In essays we'd like to see a strong point of view (prefibly your own). We want essays on things that are important or intrest kids of today.

Artwork: If you can scan work into the computer and then send it we would like to see drawings (color or black and white) and photographs.

How to submit your work: In the top left corner of your manuscpript please put your name, address, age, grade, and school. Make sure the name of your manuscpript and page number is on every page.

Where to send your manuscprit: You can mail your manuscript to this address: Kid Ink,c\o Heather Greene 7 Park Drive, Wilbraham MA, 01095 or you can e-mail us at

Attn. Older Writers: We are also intrested in having columns in every issue on writing, entertainment, and other things of intrest to older children and teens. We are intrested in including movie, book and TV reviews andarticles on celebrities, writing, and the internet. If you are 13 or over and intrested in writing please send two examples of writing along with a letter describing what type of column you'd like to write for.

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