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                                     Let Freedom Ring


                     Mikah Horn



    "Mikah, you can't go to that party because it goes way past your

curfew," my mom explained to me, as I threw a frantic temper tantrum.

    "Mom, it's only 'till 10:00!!!" I yelled in a frenzy. She shook her

head, and I rolled my eyes. I simply despised some of the stupid things

my parents wouldn't allow me to do.

    "Young lady, you better develop a more positive attitude as soon as

possible," my mom lectured.

    "As soon as possible?" I retorted, "Never."

    I certainly don't give up until I get my way. It wasn't fair; my

parents were never fair! She sent me to my room with a gesture of her hand.

    "Fine with me," I murmered to myself angrily. I have things to occupy

myself in my room. And that was the end of that.

    I believe that kids should be able to do what they want as long as they

have a reason and can't get hurt by it. Are our parents supposed to rule

our lives for us? No. True, parents do guide us in the right way

usually, and they probably do know what's right. But like any normal

human being, they are always wrong sometimes, too. And since it's our

life, we should decide what's wrong and what is right.

    Freedom is doing whatever you want whenever you want. Freedom is

letting you choose what to do.

    Hey, freedom can have a lot of meanings. Some people believe freedom is

having your own room. Some people think it's what I listed above. And

some people have truly out of this world definitions of freedom.

To me, freedom is what I live on. Freedom is liberty. Freedom is being

able to be yourself without having to follow other people's wishes. I

love it and believe everyone else does, also.

About the Author: Mikah Horn lives in Stephanville Texas.

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