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                                               The Dance


                        Melissa Cech

In the lightest rooms,
in the darkest hours,
the lights dim low,
and the dark appears.
Is it afraid?
Afraid of the light?
Or is the light afraid of the dark?
Why does one run away when the other appears?
If they mix,
will they fight?
Or will they listen,
and take it in stride?
The spans of light,
the spans of dark,
Do they have emotions?
Does the light love the dark,
or does the dark hate the light?
Will they fight, to dominate?
Or will they become enthralled in a beautiful dance?
A dance in which their shadows will land on my face?
As I lay in the dark,
and in the dark,
In the darkest rooms,
in the lightest hours.

Melissa Cech is fourteen-years-old.  She also wrote the poem Life appearing in this issue of Kid Ink.