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Welcome to Kid Ink's Bookstore!

Kid Ink in association with have started up our own bookstore!   We'll list our 20 most recommend young adult novels and Amazon's 3 most recommend coming-of-age novels.  Soon we'll also being featuring books recommend by our student writers and bestsellers.  One of the greatest things about Amazon is that most of these books are 20% to 30% off what you'd pay at your local bookstore.  Don't forget this is just the beginning!  We plan on adding more books often and want any suggestions you may have.  Happy reading!

Kid Ink Recommendations/ Amazon Recommends/ Statement


           20 YA Books Recommend By Kid Ink

Here are twenty books that Kid Ink recommends to you bookworms.  We've got fiction chock full of teen angst.  Some are comedies that will tickle your funny bone others are heart wrenching dramas that will make you cry.  We've even got one written entirely by eighth graders and another that will help you blossom as a young writer.  There listed in alphabetical order by title.  Enjoy!

1. Alice In Lace by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

This is the eighth hysterical book in the Alice series and our favorite one so far.  This time Alice and Patrick are getting married, Pamela's pregnant, and Elizabeth's buying a new car.  Well, not quite.  It's all in the name of their eighth grade heath project.  Read and laugh as Alice in her friends try to muddle through the real world.

2. The Art of Fiction: Note On Craft For Young Writers by John Gardner

A perfect book for the budding young author! 

3. Beyond the Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

The gripping sequel to The Chocolate War which is also featured.  Robert Cormier always knows how to make a realistic story with a twisted ending.

4. California Diaries: Dawn by Ann M. Martin

Ann M. Martin breaks out of her Baby-Sitters Club mold to write this brand new series for young adults.  The first "diary" is written by Dawn, an ex-BSC member and tells of her struggles in eighth grade and the changing world around her.

5. California Diaries: Ducky by Ann M. Martin

The fifth book in the California Diaries series.  Chris "Ducky" McCray is seen as a goof off all his life but at sixteen he wants to be something more.  Whoever knew Martin could write from a guy's point of view!

6. Catcher In the Rye by JD Salinger

A literary classic that everyone should read by the time they graduate high school.  Share in the thoughts and feelings of Holden Caulifield when he gets kicked out of prep. school and spends three days in New York City.

7. The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

One of the most realistic, psychological and powerful young adult novels to date.   Cormier tells the story of Jerry vs. the Vigils.  Should Jerry "disturb the universe" over a chocolate sale?

8. Curtis Piperfield's Biggest Fan by Lisa Fiedler

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in ninth grade and go to an all-girls Catholic school?  Here's the book to read if you want to find out.

9. Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keys

One of the most original and touching stories you'll ever read.  It raises the question, what would happen if you could alter your IQ?  And what are the physical, mental, and emotional costs to it?

10. Forever... by Judy Blume

Blume's most contreverical and probably best novel yet.  Follow the ups and downs of Michael and Katherine's love affair at seventeen.  This winner of the Margaret A. Edwards Award for Outstanding Literature for Young Adults is highly recommend to girls thirteen and older.

11. Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh

A wonderfully vibrant and colorful novel!  Join Harriet and her spy adventurers all over New York City.

12.  How I Changed My Life by Todd Strasser

13. I Stay Near You by M.E. Kerr

Three stories in one book!  I Stay Near You shows the passing of a ring from generation to generation starting in the war torn '40s, moving onto the hippie orientated '60s, and then ending with the yuppies of the '80s.  This one will make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

14. Jason and Marceline by Jerry Spinelli

This sequel to Space Station Seventh Grade puts Jason in the ninth grade feeling a little more than friendship for his once gal pal, Marceline.  Will they be able to survive the 9th grade together?

15. Much Ado About Prom Night by William D. McCants

Becca dishes out advice to all her friends for a peer counsiling program but she needs a little herself when it comes to dealing with her rival turned love interest, Jeff.

16. My Darling My Hamburger by Paul Zindel

Follow the lives of four seniors in high school and discover how seemingly innocent incidents can change your life forever.

17. Out of Nowhere by Oudia Sebesyen

When thirteen-year-old Harley None yanks his duffel bag out of his mother's boyfriend's BMW he knows he'll never see his mother or any of her boyfriends again.   After getting over the triumph he must figure out how to survive in the Arizona desert.  By chance he meets some usual friends who will teach him lessons about life, love, and loss.

18. Stories of Friendship, Passage, and Discovery by Eighth Grade Writers: An Anthology of Short Stories by Eighth Graders

Several great stories by eighth graders.

19. Then Again Maybe I Won't by Judy Blume

Get into the mind of a thirteen-year-old boy!   Tony comments on friends, family, girls.  A book that any early teen of either gender should read.

20. There's A Girl In My Hammerlock by Jerry Spinelli

Spinelli's funniest novel yet!  It's the battle of the sexes when eighth grade Maisy tries out for the school's wrestling team to get the attention of a ninth grade boy.

          Top 4 Recommended YA Books By Amazon

These are the three coming-of-age novels that the folks at recommend.   You may follow the link to find out or buy any one of them.

The Island by David Borofka

Long Time Passing by Linda Crew

Searching for Atticus by Jan Marino

Tomorrow Wendy: A Love Story by Shelly Stoehr

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