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                   Amanda Peters



I am afraid to let go of the past.

I don't want to forget it,

but I don't want the pain to last.

I don't know any other way to live,

but the things I have done

the world will never forgive.

I know that I didn't tread on the right path.

but is that reason for me to face

the hell of the devil's wrath?

The visions haunt me all through the night.

They gouge out my heart and

instill in my soul Satan's fright.

They have pierced me with a knife

and my spirit still bleeds

even though the wound took my life.

Images from years gone by

burn my love until

the ashes embrace me as I die.

About the Author: Amanda Peterson is fourteen-years-old and in the 9th grade at Mallow Jr. High.   She enjoys writing poems and stories and drawing.  Amanda's poem You Are Not We also appears in this issue.

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